Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How far is your hotel from the Pyeongtaek Station?



From the Pyeongtaek Station, our hotel is located in about 30 minutes' distance by car.

Depending on your stay plan, our hotel can provide a shuttle ride from/to the Pyeongtaek Station from/to the hotel for FREE or for a small extra charge.
So please feel free to inquire the hotel front desk via phone, e-mail, or whatsapp.

Tel. +82-31-682-3207~8 / E-mail. / Whatsapp No. +82-10-5857-3207

Q2. What services are included in the room rate?


In our room rate, the following services are included:

                                                                           - Bedroom (with private washroom w/ bathtub)

                                                                                 > for up to 2 people

                                                                                 > additional guest: 15,000 KRW

                                                                           - Complimentary Breakfast buffet (for up to 2 people)

                                                                           - Free Wi-Fi (LAN also available)

                                                                           - Free Daily Housekeeping service

                                                                           - 2 water bottles + 2 juice cans/ day

                                                                           - Basic laundry service (for guests staying 3+ nights)

                                                                           - Concierge (Delivery order, booking, directions, etc.)

For other types of services, please ask the hotel front desk for availability. 

Q3. Can you actually see the ocean from the Grand Deluxe Room?


Our hotel is located right next to the Pyeongtaek Port and the West Sea.
And all our Grand Deluxe category rooms are sided towards the port & individually have a terrace.
Therefore, most Grand Deluxe rooms (located on the 7th floor and above) are ocean-view.

However, because the Pyeongtaek Port is a busy commercial port,

it will be quite different from the images of a relaxed beach.

Nonetheless, our guests can still enjoy the unblocked view of the port, the West Sea,

the beautiful sunset over the shining waters, and the glowing night scenery of the West Sea bridge.


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